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Category: Blog

Same Juror Rule

The Tenth District released an interesting decision last week dealing with the same juror rule, an issue that rarely surfaces in appellate courts.  In fact, the term was only cited 18 times in Ohio case law.  The Tenth District decision in Dillon v. OhioHealth Corp. highlights the importance of protecting the record during trial court proceedings.  The […]

Punitive Damage Cap

In a terse opinion, the Ohio Supreme Court holds that the punitive damage cap of two-times actual damages applies to breach of a landlord-tenant agreement.  As the court recounted: A fire destroyed Building 3 of the Village Green Apartments, located in Beachwood, Ohio. At the request of the Beachwood Fire Department, the fire was investigated […]

National Asbestos Awareness Week

It's National Asbestos Awareness Week. The U.S. Senate voted to make the first week of April Asbestos Awareness Week, urging "the Surgeon General to warn and educate people about asbestos exposure, which may be hazardous to their health."  In light of it being Asbestos Awareness Week, it's fitting that researchers in Japan and Australia have developed a […]

How to Enforce a Settlement after Dismissing the Lawsuit

The Ohio Supreme Court clarified a troubling aspect of trial practice last week.  In Infinite Security Solutions, LLC v. Karam Properties II, LTD, 2015-Ohio-1101, the court held that a "trial court has jurisdiction to enforce a settlement agreement after a a case has been dismissed only if the dismissal entry incorporated the terms of the agreement […]

Driverless Car and Liability

This week should mark a milestone in automotive technology.  A driverless car set off to cross the country last Sunday.  As ABC News reported, the 3,500-mile trip from California to New York will be the longest ever attempted in the North America.  The technology involved may be fascinating, but the greater concern is the liability […]