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Medical Malpractice


Don't be a victim of hospital malpractice. 400,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors — and this number doesn't include those seriously injured. - Journal of Patient Safety

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Imagine a disease that lays eggs inside your lungs. These eggs do not produce discomfort or coughing; they don't cause outbreaks or rashes or anything of the sort. In fact these eggs don't do anything except sit in your lungs and germinate for 20 to 50 years.

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Drugs & Medical Devices


Injuries from dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are on the rise! Many consumers mistakenly believe that the FDA tests drugs and medical devices before approving them for sale. This is not true.

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Trial Lawyers with Proven Results



Ohio-Based, Nationally Recognized Injury Attorneys

Goldberg Legal Co., LPA was founded to represent people in the kinds of dreadful cases they should never have to face alone.

It pains us to say that those injuries still happen in all 50 states.  That is why – although we are located in Northeast Ohio – we  routinely represent clients across the state of Ohio and from coast to coast. Goldberg Legal Co., LPA was founded to represent people in the kinds of dreadful cases they should never have to face alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Our lawsuits have been featured in news outlets from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, from ABC to NBC.

If you have been wronged and hurt by someone else’s oversight – whether you’re in Cleveland or 2000 miles away – we may be able to help.

Mass Tort & Injury Lawyers

Cleveland, Ohio-based Goldberg Legal Co., LPA, has been helping injured victims and their families from across the US for nearly 30 years.

Careless manufacturers, unfair employers, incompetent doctors, unscrupulous defense lawyers, and other misguided people fear Goldberg Legal, because we never lose sight of our guiding principle: to give victims – our clients – the tireless representation we’d insist on for a member of our families.

If you’ve been hurt – or if a loved one has been hurt – you need legal representation that can put a stop to the injustice and help make you whole again.  We actively litigate cases involving:

Fighting for the Injured Since 1989

Steven M. Goldberg has established a reputation for skill, integrity, and success in litigation since he started practicing law nearly 30 years ago.

As Steven’s client, you will receive the kind of representation that can only come from a legal team that has built the strongest-possible case based on facts and on an understanding of your situation.  That process must begin at the beginning of the relationship, which is why our firm is highly selective as to the cases we take on.

No amount of money can undo what you have suffered, but it can help you start to set things right.  To that end, Goldberg Legal delivers results – be it the $3.9 million awarded to the family of a plumber diagnosed with mesothelioma, or the $500,000 awarded to 94-year-old woman whose pelvis was broken by a reckless driver, or the other results we have won for our clients.

The strength of our team goes even beyond exceptional legal representation.  Our firm has a highly credentialed, board-certified medical doctor on-staff – Dr. Laurel A. Matthews – who is also an attorney.  In addition, we enlist a registered nurse and paralegals in the behind-the-scenes evaluation and preparation of the complex and specialized lawsuits we file.

Fighting for You

The legal system is enough of a minefield to begin with.  Add in corporate bullies, unqualified doctors, citizens who hurt other citizens, and defense lawyers – all of whom stand to lose money if you win justice – and all of a sudden you have a nightmare situation.

The good news is you are not alone, and you can get legal representation that is equal to the gravity of your case.
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Medical Doctor on Staff

doctor on staff

The firm has a well-credentialed, Board Certified Medical Doctor on Staff to work on your cases.

We also have a registered nurse and paralegals in the behind-the-scenes evaluation and preparation of the highly complex and specialized lawsuits we file.

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Veterans and Safety Forces

We at the Goldberg Law Offices salute those who have bravely served our Country

soldiers marching

We are appreciative of the sacrifices made by the many women and men who have served and are currently serving our country in the military. We never forget your sacrifice in making it possible for all of us to enjoy America's freedom, opportunities and prosperity.

We are mindful of the sacrifices our safety forces make on behalf of our community at home. We routinely represent local police officers and firefighters in a variety of legal matters they encounter as a result of their jobs.

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Union Commitment

We at the Goldberg Law Offices support America's union trades


Since 1989, Steven M. Goldberg Co., LPA has proudly and effectively represented and supported America's union trades.

We take tremendous pride in representing many of the “Greatest Generation,” who gave their best years working to keep America strong yet sadly acquired and suffered from Mesothelioma. We salute these selfless men and women, who have dramatically reminded us that we live and work in the greatest and most wonderful country on earth.

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