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Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

We’ll help make your life whole again.

Most accidents are minor mishaps that can be chalked up to bad luck and soon forgotten. However, when you are seriously harmed by someone else’s bad judgment or negligence, the physical, emotional, and financial beating you may suffer can change the course of your life.

We know how difficult it is to manage doctors’ bills, missed income, lost time, and the spectrum of pain and suffering. We know because since 1989 we’ve helped personal-injury victims become whole again.

Cleveland-based Steven M. Goldberg has represented clients in Ohio and nationwide in cases involving car crashes, truck crashes, workplace accidents, and many other types of awful accidents that life may have thrown at you.

Legal and Medical Expertise

Every case is different. The outcome of your claim depends upon the specific circumstances of your case as well as the applicable law. You need a skilled and aggressive advocate and negotiator who can help you every step of the way.

We have the reputation and long track record of success to try tough, complex personal injury cases and get the compensation that you deserve.

We have in-house expertise in medicine. When you’re in an accident, it can be difficult to understand the full extent of injuries.  We enlist a registered nurse and paralegals in the behind-the-scenes evaluation and preparation of lawsuits we file.

Because of our decades of experience in exacting justice for personal injury victims, we understand.

We understand the long and painful recovery from burn injuries, the uncertainty and confusion caused by brain and head injuries, the complications that can spring from fractures, the life-long needs of spinal and back injury patients, and other situations that few people think about until they have happened in the blink of an eye.

Justice – with or without Going to Court

Not every case can or should go to court.  Often we can often negotiate a fair settlement without your case even going to trial, because of our decades-long reputation of winning in court.  Attorneys are obligated not to go to court if they don’t think they can win, so we can hardly blame the offenders’ attorneys for not wanting to take their case that far.

We have the resources to support complex cases. Our extensive network of experts – in Ohio and nationwide – can provide testimony about your current and future medical needs, the standard of care required, the economic impact of serious injuries, and the engineering aspects and physics of accidents.

You Can’t Afford to Wait

If you think you have a personal injury claim, time is not on your side.  Like most states, Ohio has a statute of limitations. A lawsuit arising from an accident or injury must be filed within a certain timeframe.  A day late and your legal claim can be barred, your right to sue lost, and the parties that caused your suffering may walk away scot-free.

Many variables can affect how much time you have to file suit, so it is important to consult us promptly. We will counsel you on what to expect, and will produce the best resolution to your situation.  It’s bad enough that you were injured by someone else.  Don’t also forfeit compensation simply because you filed your claim too late.

Steven M. Goldberg can help you every step of the way.  Contact our office for an evaluation of your case.