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  • Think of personal injury attorneys as lifesavers. When your life is disrupted by the negligence, recklessness or the carelessness of others, they can help restore the life you’ve earned. At a time when you need them most, Steven M. Goldberg is there to help.

It can seem like a lonely, unjust world when something goes terribly wrong. When the people, institutions and products — the touchstones you were taught to trust — harm you instead. If you’ve lost wages, the ability to work, cherished time with your family, your health or your dignity, you need someone on your side — an experience advocate who can literally save your life.

Goldberg Legal was founded to ensure that you get to live the life you deserve.

Sure, we’re legal experts. There are millions of personal injury attorneys, but we’re known nationally as accomplished lawyers who know the legal system inside and out — how to proceed, what to investigate, how to win the highest compensation.

We’re also medical experts: we understand how accidents or ailments caused by others affect life in today’s complex society.

More than any other personal injury firm, we understand how legal, medical, economic and social systems intersect to impact your life – the lawyers, the medical practitioners, the hospitals, the insurance companies and the manufacturers of harmful drugs and defective products. We protect clients from victimization from the people and institutions who would manipulate these systems to protect themselves by blaming you.

Accidents or hazards in the workplace are examples of cases in which we can assist. Automobile accidents. Medical or dental malpractice. Nasty falls. Harmful pharmaceuticals. Whatever the circumstance, you need the services of a trained, trustworthy lawyer to help you get what is rightfully yours.

Personal injury attorneys are one of the bedrocks of the U.S. legal system.

Steven M. Goldberg has been fighting for the rights of clients in Ohio and nationwide since 1989. We are there when, for many, all hope is gone.

Any case involving loss or injury to a person falls under tort or personal injury law — the categories of law that are our specialties. We investigate claims, research evidence and laws, draft pleas, interview witnesses, advocate at trial and, mainly, counsel clients. We are respected negotiators who honor client’s wishes as a guiding principle.

The mission of Steven M. Goldberg: compensate you for the wrongful and harmful actions of others.

We stand by you. One last thing you should know: we’re really good at the lifesaver business.

Feel better. We’re on your side.

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