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Category: Blog

4 Million Dollar Judgment for Wrongful Death Claim

In Orren v. BWF Corporation, the Twelfth District recently affirmed a four million dollar judgment against a heavy-road highway contractor in a wrongful death action.  The decedent was killed in an automobile accident in a construction zone on I-75.  The state awarded the contractor with a contract to widen a nine-mile stretch of the interstate.  In execution of the […]

Settling Claims

Just one new case of note this week, coming from the First District.  In Roy v. Durrani, 2015-Ohio-11, the court provided an important reminder when settling claims against one of several related defendants: made sure to only release the defendant actually paying money unless the relationship is based upon agency principles.   The plaintiff, a minor, […]

Tort Reform Damage Caps and Recalls

Tort reform, especially damage caps, has hampered victims access to the legal system to obtain just compensation for their injuries, but has it played a role in allowing automakers hide defects?  According to a piece in the New York Times, some auto accident victim's experience with the legal system because of the tort reform damage caps, […]

The Hidden Danger of Asbestos in Decorations

It's that time of year when even the most stalwart begin taking down the holiday decorations.  One of the nice things about those decorations is the family history, some being passed on from generation to generation.  A couple weeks ago, the Telegraph published an interesting warning about those older decorations, specifically the ones dating to […]

Injuring a Patient During Transport: Part Two

A couple weeks ago, I posted a review on the 10th District's determination that injuring a patient during transport to a dining facility in a nursing home was not a medical claim for the purposes of determining the statute of limitations.  I advised keeping the decision on file to deal with the affidavit of merit […]