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  • Steven M. Goldberg

    A lawyer with over a quarter century of civil litigation & trial experience. The firm represents people who need trial lawyers.
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  • We Litigate

    We handle complex individual and group cases in state courts through Ohio and in federal courts throughout the United States.
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  • We Represent

    Individuals and families who have been injured by someone else's negligence — individuals who need a strong voice and skilled, competent legal representation.   
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  • We Battle

    Against the largest insurance companies and law firms in the country — the ones who defend careless individuals; negligent professionals and hospitals; and companies who manufacture unsafe products, dangerous drugs, and defective medical devices.
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  • We Fight

    To obtain for you the highest monetary compensation from those legally responsible for harm they've caused.
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  • We Keep You Informed

    As a client, you will be kept informed of all progress and developments in your case; your calls will be returned; your questions will be answered; and your concerns will be addressed — all in a timely manner.
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  • We Are Professionals

    We conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity; and conform strictly to the ethical rules governing the practice of law.
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  • We Come to You

    If you can't travel, we will visit you. We will treat you like you’re our only client.
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  • No Recovery, No Attorney Fee

    Our law firm does not get paid attorneys’ fees unless you receive (legal) compensation. You have enough to worry about and we refuse to burden our clients with financial demands.
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Medical Malpractice


Don't be a victim of hospital malpractice. 400,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors — and this number doesn't include those seriously injured. - Journal of Patient Safety

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Imagine a disease that lays eggs inside your lungs. These eggs do not produce discomfort or coughing; they don't cause outbreaks or rashes or anything of the sort. In fact these eggs don't do anything except sit in your lungs and germinate for 20 to 50 years.

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Drugs & Medical Devices


Injuries from dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are on the rise! Many consumers mistakenly believe that the FDA tests drugs and medical devices before approving them for sale. This is not true.

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Mass Tort & Complex Injury Lawyers

National Law Practice

Many of our product liability lawsuits have been featured on:news media

Cleveland, Ohio based The Goldberg Law Firm Co., LPA, has been helping injured victims and their families for nearly 30 years and was formed with the guiding principles of service to its clients and excellence in advocating cases.

Steven M. Goldberg has established a reputation for skill and integrity in litigation since 1989. Steven's practice is highly selective and carefully managed to ensure that each client receives highly personalized attention as he works to prove the essential facts of each case. Whether it be a medical negligence case of avoidable surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis of stroke or cancer, catastrophic personal injury from avoidable accidents, lung cancer/mesothelioma, or harmful drugs or medical devices, Steven is committed to providing clients with unparalleled legal service.

Representing clients across the nation, The Goldberg Law Firm Co., LPA was established to represent individuals on cases they should never have to face alone. We are committed to representing individuals who have been harmed by wrongful conduct.  The Goldberg Law Firm Co., LPA is committed to protecting the rights of people seriously injured by defective products, unsafe prescription medicines, and medical devices.

Although we are located in Northeast Ohio, we routinely represent clients across the state of Ohio and from coast to coast.

We actively litigate in the areas of:

Awards & Recognition

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Medical Doctor on Staff

doctor on staff

The firm has a well-credentialed, Board Certified Medical Doctor on Staff to work on your cases.

We also have a registered nurse and paralegals in the behind-the-scenes evaluation and preparation of the highly complex and specialized lawsuits we file.

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Consultation is Always Free of Charge

free consultation

Our law firm does not get paid attorneys’ fees unless we receive compensation for you. You have enough to worry about and we refuse to burden our clients with financial demands.

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Veterans and Safety Forces

We at the Goldberg Law Offices salute those who have bravely served our Country

soldiers marching

We are appreciative of the sacrifices made by the many women and men who have served and are currently serving our country in the military. We never forget your sacrifice in making it possible for all of us to enjoy America's freedom, opportunities and prosperity.

We are mindful of the sacrifices our safety forces make on behalf of our community at home. We routinely represent local police officers and firefighters in a variety of legal matters they encounter as a result of their jobs.

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Union Commitment

We at the Goldberg Law Offices support America's union trades


Since 1989, Steven M. Goldberg Co., LPA has proudly and effectively represented and supported America's union trades.

We take tremendous pride in representing many of the “Greatest Generation,” who gave their best years working to keep America strong yet sadly acquired and suffered from Mesothelioma. We salute these selfless men and women, who have dramatically reminded us that we live and work in the greatest and most wonderful country on earth.

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