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Propane Explosion Attorneys

Propane Home Gas Explosions

Some propane gas explosions can be traced back to careless installation by propane businesses, retailers, or technicians. Even the slightest error can trigger a disaster resulting in life-changing injuries or death. Propane gas explosions may be triggered by code violations and violations of standards or safe practices. Propane systems should not be activated until they are brought into full compliance with all codes and policies. Ventilation may be inadequate; gas lines may have been installed improperly. In some cases, the gas may not have been odorized (odor must be added to natural and propane gas as a safety precaution to warn people that gas is present).

When a propane gas explosion occurs, it is critical that experienced investigators and attorneys are able to analyze evidence and determine the chain of events leading up to the explosion – from the source of ignition to the substance that accelerates the development of a fire to the accelerant’s path to ignition. The propane businesses should be held responsible for any act of negligence on their part that results in a person being injured or killed and/or damage to property.

If you smell gas:

  • Do not attempt to locate gas leaks.
  • Exit the home or building immediately and call your local utility or gas supplier.
  • Do not turn on or off any battery-powered, rechargeable or electrical device, including phones, garage door opener, radios, TVs, computers or any device that could create a spark.
  • Do not turn on or turn off any lights or electrical switches, or unplug appliances.
  • Do not use telephones of any type, including cordless, cell or landline.
  • Do not operate vehicles and power equipment where leaking