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Cleveland Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Nothing beats the thrill of riding a motorcycle– the breeze, being at peace with the open road, and the incomparable feeling of freedom. Motorcycles are also an economical means of travel in these times of high gas prices. Unfortunately, they are potentially dangerous vehicles– even if one exerts utmost care in their operation. A motorcyclist needn’t be a James Dean to be injured, or even killed, by another’s negligence. In fact, statistics show that most motorcycle injuries and fatalities are not the fault of the motorcyclist. Often, the driver of a car, van, truck, bus, or other vehicle simply did not see the motorcycle – however, this does not excuse them from liability for an accident they cause.

According to the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 3,000 motorcyclists are killed on American roads annually. Overall, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for individuals between ages 6 and 33. By virtue of their lack of driver insulation and absence of restraining belts, motorcycle accidents tend to be especially serious when compared to accidents in other types of motor vehicles. Some States have mandatory helmet laws and others don’t, but failure to wear a helmet in any case does not bar recovery if another party caused the accident. If one is involved in a motorcycles accident, and remains conscious and able to move without worsening their injuries, they should:

  • Call 911 Emergency Services (or have someone else call);
  • If it is a “hit and run” accident, try to get the license plate number– or at least a description of the fleeing vehicle;
  • Note what side of the vehicle hit the motorcycle because there may be identifying marks or scratches;
  • Try to get identification and insurance information from others involved in the accident. If they will not divulge it to you, have the police get it for you;
  • Make sure a police report is obtained, but do not admit any fault;
  • Get identifying information from any witnesses;
  • If the motorcycle driver or passenger injured, seek medical attention immediately. Often the degree of injuries from a motorcycle accident are not immediately apparent, but surface hours to days later;
  • Obtain copies of the medical report(s). Carefully adhere to all directions and follow-up instructions from medical professions;
  • Notify your insurance company of the accident without admitting fault; and
  • Seek competent legal representation and advice. A good attorney will be much more effective at dealing with insurance companies than a layperson.

It is particularly important to get legal representation when serious injuries or death occurs. Aside from the human costs, the financial costs of long-term care for a motorcycle accident victim– or the costs of losing a breadwinner to a fatal motorcycle accident – are astronomical. Compensation must be sought for physical and mental injuries, medical expenses, property damage, loss of earnings, property damage, long term care and/or wrongful death.

At Goldberg Law offices, we have over 23 years of experience helping victims of Ohio motorcycle accidents and their families. We know how to bring claims for property damages, injuries or even death– knowing that while money alone cannot replace those so tragically taken, it can help ease future burdens of those who remain. We have a full-time physician on staff to review the nature of the injuries and technical consultants to help prepare your case for trial or settlement. We are not afraid to go up against any responsible party for payment due– no matter how large, wealthy or powerful they appear to be.

Our Ohio motorcycle accident attorneys offer a no-charge consultation and will be happy to seriously discuss a potential claim involving injury and/or death from an automobile accident. Victims of motorcycle accidents and their families deserve compensation– and the best Ohio legal team to fight for them. However, any potential claim must be filed within the applicable Statutes of Limitation, which are very short. We can answer your questions about your claim and concerns about the time frame in which to bring it. Don’t let the compensation you and your family may be entitled to lapse for failure to timely file your claim. Please call today to discuss a potential motorcycle accident claim at no cost to you.