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Failure To Diagnose

Modern Medicine works wonders for Americans every day — but to work, it is crucial that the Patient’s condition be properly diagnosed. A Physician making the correct diagnosis is essential for their prescribing effect of therapy. The basis of proper diagnosis is a careful History and Physical Examination. Despite the marvels of new testing technologies which help doctors detect formally hidden diseases, it is the Physician’s responsibility to correctly order and interpret tests in regard to each Patient’s unique presentation.

The most advanced testing is useless if not utilized — and failure to order and properly interpret needed tests is a breach in the Physician’s responsibility to the Patient. Many potentially life-threatening conditions can be cured or at least helped when diagnosed early — but are sadly beyond much hope if detected too late for effective therapy to be given.

Failure to Diagnose or outright Misdiagnosis is tragic when it leads to severe injury or death — especially knowing that disaster for the patient and their family could have been prevented. Common examples of Misdiagnosis include:

  • Failure to diagnose a serious Medical condition such as Cancer or Heart Disease
    despite concerning Signs and Symptoms;
  • Failure to obtain a complete History including Family History of serious maladies;
  • Failure to perform a thorough Physical examination;
  • Dismissing worrisome Signs and Symptoms as “psychological” or exaggerated;”
  • Failure to order crucial tests to explain abnormal Signs and Symptoms;
  • Failure to order proper follow-up studies in response to an abnormal test or tests;
  • Failure to refer a Patient to the proper Specialists; and
  • Treating a patient with toxic therapy for a Medical or Surgical condition they do not have.

If you or a loved one have been victimized by such failure of timely Diagnosis, or frank Misdiagnosis, and sustained significant injuries owing to Medical Negligence, you need a Law Firm with the experience and resources to bring a claim. It is very important to make a Medical Malpractice claim in a timely fashion, given that the Statutes of Limitations for Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death are short. If you have questions about the time-frame for bringing a claim, please contact our office.

At Goldberg Law Offices, we have over 23 years of experience in helping victims of Medical Misdiagnosis and their families. We have a full-time physician on staff to review your case and a proven track record of bringing satisfaction to those injured by failure to Diagnose. We are not afraid to go up against any doctor or hospital. We offer no-charge consultation and will be happy to discuss your potential claim. Don’t let the compensation you may be entitled to lapse for failure to file your claim a timely fashion — contact us today to discuss or test claim at no cost to you.