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Ohio Emergency Room Error Lawyers

Emergency Room Mistakes

In times of Medical Emergency, we rely on the skill of America’s Emergency Doctors to save lives. While many people come to Emergency Rooms with less urgent conditions, for some even minutes or seconds mean the difference between life and death. The Emergency Room staff must be able to sum up the situation quickly and accurately — and the Emergency Doctors making the correct diagnosis is crucial for prescribing effect of therapy. In the Emergency Room, failure to pay proper attention to the Patient Signs and Symptoms — and failing to obtain an accurate History, conduct a thorough Physical Examination and order proper Tests — may prove to be a death warrant for the Emergency Patient.

Emergency Departments can be very busy and short-staffed — but every Patient deserves the highest Standard of Care expected of American Physicians, Nurses and Hospitals. An Emergency Physician must resist the temptation to make snap judgments — giving each Patient the Evaluation and Treatment they need and deserve. Many life-threatening conditions can be cured or at least help when detected and treated in time — but result in tragedy when sought-out care falls short in the Emergency Room.

Failure to correctly evaluate and treat an Emergency Room patient is tragic when it leads to severe injury or death — especially knowing that disaster for the patient and her family was preventable if proper attention had been given in the Emergency Room. Common examples of Emergency Room mishaps include:

  • Failure to diagnose a life-threatening condition despite concerning Signs and Symptoms or a worrisome change from previous health status;
  • Failure to perform a targeted yet thorough History and Physical Examination;
  • Dismissing worrisome Signs and Symptoms as “psychological,” “exaggerated” or attention seeking;”
  • Failure to pay attention to concerns of Family members or others who accompany the Emergency Patient;
  • Failure to order necessary Tests to confirm or deny Clinical suspicions of illness;
  • Misreading Laboratory, EKG and/or Radiology Test results;
  • Failure to consult necessary Specialists;
  • Inappropriate discharge of a dangerously ill patient; and
  • Improper or inadequate Discharge Instructions.

If you or a loved one have been victimized by Emergency Room Negligence — and sustained significant injuries thereby — you need a Law Firm with the experience and resources to bring your claim. It is very important make an Emergency Department Malpractice claim in a timely fashion, since the Statute of Limitations for Medical claims and Wrongful Death are short. If you have questions about the time-frame for bringing a claim, please contact our office.

At Goldberg Law Offices, we have overĀ 23 years of experience in helping victims of Emergency Department Negligence and their families. We have a full-time physician on staff to review your case and a proven track record of bringing satisfaction to those injured by Emergency Department Negligence. We are not afraid to go up against any Emergency Physician or Emergency Department. We offer no-charge consultation and will be happy to discuss your potential claim with you. Don’t let the compensation you may be entitled to lapse for failure to file your claim in a timely fashion — contact us today to discuss your potential claim at no cost to you.