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Ohio Dangerous Medical Device Attorneys

Modern Medical Technology is astounding — it gives new lease on life to Patients and their Families every day. Melding humans with machines which improve quality of life can be as simple to amazingly complex — from a walker to an electronic prosthetic limb for mobility; from a hearing aid to a cochlear implant for deafness. However simple or complex, Medical devices are meant to help Patients — not harm them further.

Each year hundreds of novel and improved Medical Devices hit the market — in hopes of profiting the Manufacturers while helping Patients. The Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) is responsible for overseeing that every new Medical Device is tested for safety and efficacy. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that forthright data is communicated to the FDA — including supplementation when new information comes to light. Medical Device Manufacturers have long been pushing the over-stretched FDA to relax its approval provisions. This situation has led to the FDA frequently granting speedy approval based upon “substantial similarity” to existing Medical Devices.

Once approved, the Manufacturer remains responsible for design and production, marketing information conveyed to Physicians and adequate labeling including appropriate warnings. Patients justifiably rely on Medical Devices and presume they have been proven safe and effective. When such Devices fail, it can lead to tragedy for Patients and their Families. Examples of Medical Device Defects include:

  • Heart Defibrillators that activate at the wrong times are not at all;
  • Prosthetic Implants that break one to micro cracks during manufacture;
  • Cosmetic Implants made of the wrong materials causing allergy and/or rejection;
  • Orthopedic Hardware that is not manufactured to specifications;
  • “Sterile” Prosthetic Parts that are contaminated with germs when I first opened;
  • Aids for weight-bearing which collapse when used;
  • Devices for repair of Major Blood Vessels (e.g. aorta) that clog them instead;
  • Anesthesia machines that deliver the wrong mixture of gases;
  • Insulin Pumps that give large, unintended doses of Insulin;
  • Contaminated Dialysis Filters that sicken and/or kill; and
  • Catheters (tubes) that break off pieces into the bloodstream.

The fault for Injury or Death from these devices may rest with the Physician, the Manufacturer — or both. If you or a loved one are (or have been) the victim of a dangerous or defective Medical Device,  and sustained significant injuries thereby, you need a Law Firm with the experience and resources to bring your claim. It is very important to make a Defective Medical Device claim in a timely fashion, because the Statutes of Limitations for clients of Injury and/or Wrongful Death are very short. If you have questions about the time-frame for bringing a claim, please contact our office.

At Goldberg Law Offices, we have over 23 years of experience helping victims of faulty Medical Products and their families. We have a full-time physician on staff to review your case and a proven track record of bringing satisfaction to those injured by Medical Devices. We are not afraid to go up against any Medical Device Manufacture, Physician or Hospital. We offer no-charge consultation and will be happy to discuss your potential claim. Don’t let the compensation you may be entitled to lapse for failure to file your claim in a timely fashion — contact us today to discuss your potential claim at no cost to you.