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Ohio Birth Injury Lawyers

The birth of a child should be a joy beyond compare — and every care should be taken to ensure the baby is born without injury and with opportunity for a happy, healthy life. While doctors and hospitals are not responsible for every birth defect, Medical Mistakes can cause a tragic defect when the baby would have been healthy otherwise.

Childbirth injuries range from mild, quickly resolving problems (e.g. broken collarbone, forceps mark) to severe, permanent injuries (e.g. nerve damage to limbs, strokes, cerebral palsy). When a birth injury is severe, it both deprives the injured Child of the full potential — and becomes a worrisome, stressful, and costly undertaking for the entire family.

Medical Errors may occur before, during or after delivery — harming both the new baby and their family. Examples of Medical Negligence resulting in Birth Injuries include:

  • Failure to give proper Prenatal Care;
  • Failure to monitor the Mother’s Medical Conditions;
  • Failure to monitor Fetal size;
  • Failure to Induce Delivery in a timely fashion;
  • Failure to ensure the Baby has a smooth Delivery; and
  • Failure to take proper care of the Baby once Delivered.

If the Birth Injury could have been prevented with proper care, both the Baby and their Family may have a claim. There are often exorbitant costs when caring for a severely injured child. While the injured Child’s claim can be brought until they reach legal age, the Family’s claim must be brought very quickly — within just one year from birth (or reasonable discovery of Birth Injury) — or be lost forever. Whether or not the Family’s claim has elapsed, compensation should be sought for a Child who sustained Birth Injury — but before this legal claim is lost at age 19. If you have any questions about Statutes of Limitations for making claims, please call our office.

When a preventable Birth Injury has occurred, it takes a Law Firm with experience and resources to properly pursue a claim. At Goldberg Law Offices, we have overĀ 23 years of experience helping adult and child victims of Medical Malpractice. We have a full-time physician on staff, and Obstetrical physicians and nurses to review potential Birth Injury claims.

We offer consultation at no charge to discuss a Birth Injury case and determine whether compensation is available for the injured Child and their Family. While financial compensation cannot turn back the hands of time and prevent the injury, it can help with future expenses resulting from preventable Birth Injury. Please contact us today so we may get started on reviewing your potential claim for a Childhood Birth Injury arising from Medical Malpractice.