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Ohio Anesthesia Errors Lawyers

We have come a long way since Anesthesia was a bottle of whiskey, a bullet to bite on — and possibly a mallet blow to the skull. ¬†Anesthesiologists are highly trained specialists using sophisticated technology — alleviating pain during Surgery and afterwards. Anesthesiologists may also specialize in treating pain from chronic conditions. It is the primary responsibility of the Anesthesiologist to keep the Patient alive while on the Operative Table.

While most Anesthesia goes without a hitch, even the best Anesthesiologist can make a tragic mistake. While some complications of Anesthesia are unavoidable, we do not expect our Anesthesiologist to make avoidable errors. Despite the progress of modern surgery, preventable Anesthesia Errors continue to occur with regularity.

The U.S. Government’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) estimates that Anesthesia ranging from mild, self-limited to severe brain damage and/or death — occur with 1 in 1,000 Surgeries. When severe injury or death occurs as result of Anesthesia Error, it is a preventable tragedy for both the patient and their family.

Errors during Anesthesia can be attributed to negligence of the Anesthesiologist, no evidence of other Anesthesia personnel (e.g.Certified Nurse Anesthetistsare “CRNA’s”) and/or Equipment Failure. Common examples include:

  • Failure to determine whether the Patient is suited for General Anesthesia;
  • Improper placement of Anesthesia Tubes or other Equipment into the Patient;
  • Using the wrong Anesthetic for a particular Patient;
  • Improper dosing of Anesthesia;
  • Inadequate monitoring of Vital Signs during Anesthesia;
  • Ferry to properly address problems during Anesthesia as they arise;
  • Failure to properly supervise Anesthesia personnel such as Anesthesia Nurses;
  • Failure to properly monitor the Patient once Anesthesia is discontinued;
  • Failure to properly does Post-Operative Pain Medicines (e.g.”PCA Pumps”); and
  • Improper Injection of Local Anesthetics into the Spine, Skin, etc.

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